Cancer charity website

The job: to present a cancer charity as a credible voice to conservative, scientifically-oriented audiences. read more

The trouble with experts…

Believe it or not, exclusive reliance on expert opinion can be a really bad thing. This presentation, delivered at Lancaster University and as a webinar, explains why. read more

First bias working group

Convened Europe's first NGO working group to coordinate activity on addressing bias in risk assessment and improving regulatory responsiveness to new science. read more

Organic standards research

Nov 2011. Technical brief on the compatibility of organic standards with the manufacture of semi-synthetic fabrics. read more

Selected publications

What we have written, including pieces for Euractiv, The Independent, and over 45 issues of Health & Environment. read more

Scientific consensus statement

Summer 2010. Peer-reviewed summary of scientific concerns about BFRs to support tightening of restrictions on their use. read more

Resolving chemical controversies

2010 on-going. Leading a blue-sky project to explore how review methodologies can resolve controversies in chemical safety. read more

Cancer charity communications

Spring 2010 on-going. Establishing the credibility of a small science-focused charity concerned with effects of chemicals on health. read more

Chemicals and health briefings

Press releases, website texts, briefings and factsheets about how chemicals affect health. read more

Health & Environment

March 2006 on-going. How to convert a conference marketing newsletter into one of Europe's leading chemicals and policy blogs. read more

News & science archive

On-line archive of over 1500 news and science items covering developments in the environmental health field. read more