What do we do?

Messagewright is a chemicals policy research and communications consultancy. We deliver analysis which helps organisations acting in the public interest lobby for improvements in chemicals policy, and support companies and policy-makers in understanding the emerging science and policy issues concerning the potential effects of chemicals on health.

If you want to understand, improve or explain chemicals policy, we are here help you do that – by explaining the issues, identifying strategic objectives, assembling the evidence which shows the need for change, and making sure the right people understand and support your cause.

Problem - Plan - Materials - Understood - Consensus - Action

Who are we?

  • Messagewright is Paul Whaley and Adam Sawyer, plus our network of freelancers.

Paul has been working with environmental public interest groups for over 7 years, starting as a Greenpeace volunteer in the Czech Republic. He managed communications for the international association Health Care Without Harm Europe for 4 years, including 6 months in Brussels, before beginning work as a freelancer.

Paul specialises in emerging issues around evaluating the effects of chemicals on health, and how this evidence feeds into chemicals policy, and edits Health & Environment, a leading EU blog about chemicals policy.

His main research interest is in how the basic principles of evidence-based medicine, of access to data and use of systematic review, can help resolve controversies about the safety of chemical products.

Adam SawyerAdam has run personal fitness and lettings businesses, worked in sales and held a strategy role for a local authority in the UK. His academic background is in biology and he brings exceptional analytical and research skills to our projects.


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