Cancer charity communications

Responsible for (1) strategies to engage medical professionals in environmental health issues, (2) establishing the credibility of a small, science-focused charity concerned with the effects of pollutants on health, and (3) developing the organisation’s relationships with university researchers and Brussels-based public interest groups.

  • Placed opinion pieces on CPES issues in papers such as The Independent and Euractiv, a major Brussels policy news outlet
  • Provided strategic advice on e.g. broadening charitable objects of the organisation to allow targeting of medical community
  • Established CPES presence in Brussels with membership of six key policy-focused associations and working groups
  • Implemented simple, low-cost IT systems and review processes for monitoring scientific developments relevant to CPES, now with over 1500 news and science items in a social-networked online archive
  • Health & Environment has established CPES’ scientific credibility and facilitated relationship-building with leading researchers
  • Educational presentations about new and emerging health issues relating to use of chemicals, including to the British Standards Institute and the Royal Association of Anaesthesiologists of Great Britain and Ireland

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